Dallas medical license defense lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 23, 2020

Healthcare professionals work hard to obtain a medical license. In most cases, they put in long hours and work tirelessly for their patients. For this reason, it is troubling when a healthcare professionals integrity and work ethic is called into question in a medical malpractice claim. If you are a Dallas healthcare professional who is at risk of losing your medical license, it may a good idea to speak with an attorney. Medical defense lawyers have years of experience working to help healthcare workers keep their license so they can continue to work throughout their career.

If you hold a medical license, you are at risk of facing discipline from the Texas Medical Board for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common complains that end in disciplinary action are:

  • Chemical Dependency
  • Boundary Violations
  • Theft Of Drugs In The Workplace
  • Prescribing Non-Therapeutic Medication
  • Improper Patient Documentation
  • Falling Below The Standard Of Care
  • Over Billing Patients And Insurance Companies

The Process

The Texas Medical Board follows a specific process when investigating claims of healthcare worker misconduct. The Board must investigate if they receive a complaint from a patient, pharmacy, hospital or co-worker. If you are the target of an investigation the Board will:

  • Send You A Letter Stating The Allegations You Face
  • Assign An Investigator To Work The Case
  • Subpoena Medical Records
  • Interview Witnesses
  • Take Your Statement
  • Decide What Action To Take
  • Dismiss Your Case Or File Formal Charges

It is important to remember that just because allegations have been made, you are not automatically considered guilty. You are entitled to defend your right to hold a medical license. Many healthcare professionals have made the mistake of not contacting a lawyer for fear that it makes them look guilty. This is simply not true and your medical license is far too valuable to take this chance.

When To Seek Help

In medical malpractice cases, it is essential that you consult with a medical license defense lawyer immediately. You have a limited number of days in which to respond to the allegations made against you. Waiting to contact a lawyer gives you less time to mount a defense. Contact a lawyer at once if:

  • You Receive Written Notification From The Board
  • The Investigator Contacts You
  • A Hearing Is Scheduled
  • Your Medical License Is Suspended
  • The Board Asks You To Voluntarily Surrender Your License
  • You Were Fired From Your Job


The Texas Medical Board has specific penalties that are assigned to every malpractice claim. If you are under investigation, some of the penalties the Board may impose include:

What Can A Lawyer Do For You?

If you are a Dallas healthcare professional and are under investigation by the Texas Medical Board, you are likely afraid of what the future holds. Speaking with an attorney can help you gain some control of the situation. Do not try to deal with Board investigators on your own, as they have many years experience in the art of interrogation. Even if they seem to be in your corner, they will use any statements you make against you in hearings and court proceedings.

You may gain peace of mind by speaking with a medical license defense lawyer about the charges against you. During a consultation, an experienced lawyer will review all of your options and decide the best way to handle your case. Your lawyer will work hard to help you retain your medical license if at all possible.