Dallas Healthcare Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 23, 2020

Healthcare law can be complicated. That’s why it’s essential to retain experienced legal counsel. Healthcare providers and healthcare suppliers must comply with an astonishing array of rules and regulations. Dallas healthcare lawyers understand the ins and outs of healthcare law as well as the regulations with which Texas healthcare providers must comply.

Who Do We Defend?

Our attorneys have represented countless healthcare service providers in many branches of healthcare, including:

Nurses and nurse practitioners
Nursing homes
Home health service providers
Urgent care facilities
Ambulatory surgeries
Diagnostic testing facilities
Medical equipment providers
Physicians’ organizations

Why Hire Dallas Healthcare Lawyers?

We use our legal expertise to deal with problems so you won’t have to. We provide legal services that are specifically geared to the needs of our clients. Specializing in healthcare law, our attorneys have extensive experience defending and representing healthcare professionals who are facing legal problems.

We can also help you to position and structure a new healthcare business in a manner that is compliant with the state and federal rules and regulations of the healthcare industry. Our attorneys are experienced in matters related to selling, restructuring or purchasing a healthcare facility as well as joint ventures involving healthcare service providers.

Many of our clients retain us as general counsel because of our extensive experience in the healthcare industry and our ability to devise and apply out-of-the-box solutions to both common and complex legal issues. We provide assistance with matters related to healthcare operations, healthcare compliance and healthcare transactions. We also defend physicians and nurses in investigations brought by the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Board of Nursing. We have been able to obtain a complete dismissal of charges in many cases, including cases involving allegations of prescription errors and substandard medical care.

Experienced Legal Representation In All Areas Of Healthcare Law

We have defended clients in federal and state cases involving fraud and abuse, the Federal Stark Law, also known as the Federal Physician Self-Referral Prohibition, and the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute. Dallas healthcare attorneys have also defended healthcare service providers in matters involving Texas healthcare laws related to kickbacks, self-referrals, fee-splitting and other matters related to state laws and other governing bodies. We provide legal representation and counsel in all healthcare matters, including:

Licensing and credentialing
Employment issues
Healthcare litigation
Healthcare billing
Managed care
Healthcare fraud

Healthcare Audit Defense And Over-Payment Demands

Our firm has extensive experience defending and appealing healthcare audits and over-payment demands related to home healthcare agencies, physicians, nurses, hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, hospices, pharmacies, laboratories and other healthcare service providers. Our services include representation and appeals in cases related to Medicare, Medicaid and private payor audits. We can assist in communications and negotiations with recovery auditors, and we can handle every aspect of audit defense from court appearances and assisting your internal auditors to negotiating the complex arena of medical appeals.

The Medicare appeals Process

The Medicare appeals process can be frustrating, but we are on top of the changes in Medicare appeals. The Settlement Conference Facilitation Program is an effective way to resolve Medicare claims appeals that have bogged down on their journey through the system.

Healthcare Regulatory And Compliance Law

Today’s healthcare providers must keep up with and maintain compliance with the ever-changing regulations governing the healthcare industry. We integrate the matter of regulatory compliance into all of our healthcare practice areas. However, we can also review your existing healthcare facility for regulatory compliance, or we can assist you with the development of an effective program of compliance so as to reduce the noncompliance risk level for your healthcare entity. Implementing and updating healthcare entity compliance plans is viewed favorably by the authorities should you be faced at any point with a third-party or government audit.

Healthcare Compliance Plan Development And Implementation

Our healthcare compliance lawyers have been developing healthcare compliance plans for many years, and we bring a wealth of experience to the compliance and regulatory plans we develop. We can assess your entity’s risk, develop policy, and implement and maintain a professional compliance program. Entities such as skilled nursing homes are already required by state and federal laws to have regulatory compliance programs in place.

Privacy And Confidentiality Laws

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a law that governs privacy standards related to a patient’s health information. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was designed to encourage the meaningful use of health information technology. These laws can be very confusing, but our experienced HIPAA compliance attorneys possess a thorough understanding of these laws and can help healthcare providers to interpret them lawfully by assisting with privacy, security and breach notification policies.

To learn more about our healthcare practice areas, please visit and explore our website or contact our office directly. We look forward to providing you with legal counsel related to any of your current healthcare challenges.