Dallas Federal Criminal Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 23, 2020

Preparing a defense against federal charges in Dallas is no easy task. In the Bible belt, it can seem like there is nowhere to turn for allegations of moral defection. People can use fence politics to distance themselves from friends who are even falsely accused of wrongdoing. These could be white-collar crimes like tax evasion, bank fraud, and even identity theft.

Hiring a Grade-A+++ defense attorney is the only solution. A premium federal defense attorney in Dallas will put in the hard work necessary to present all your defenses. In today’s jurisprudence, the avenues for relief are not always common-sense arguments of proving an alibi or compelling a jury to believe your testimony. There is a great deal of forensic evidence that bedazzles jurors with a CSI effect.

On the same token, you can use forensic evidence and your own experts to rebut any presumptions of the in-house lab. In most states, including Texas, the labs that confirm the forensic evidence of autopsies and drugs work for the government.

The labs are virtually an arm of the prosecution’s office and can write biased reports and perform crude autopsies and tests to make the results fit. In fact, there are publicized cases where bad lab technicians are merely shuffled around to other labs after severely botching an exam in favor of the prosecution’s theories. An experienced defense attorney can force the prosecutor to preserve samples for independent testing and to allow for more detailed investigations.

This can bring serious doubts to what prosecutors thought was an open and shut case. Particularly suspicious are lab reports that try to trace guns to ammunition. While the science is growing, there is still some speculation regarding the reliability of things like firing pin marks and rifling forensics.

Prosecutors can force jurors to follow them with a lot of speculation and presumptions. Our law firm can help you preserve the errors in pre-trial and post-trial motion to ensure full review of sketchy issues on appeal.

General Overview of the Federal Courts

Being charged with a crime in the federal courts is a lot more serious. After all, the scale of the crimes is generally pretty big for the Feds to get interested. And when they do get interested, they go all out to conduct elaborate Hollywood style undercover operations and stings. State officials simply don’t have these kinds of resources and are focused on eliminating the day-to-day problems that bother voters.

The providence of the federal courts is to target new players in the criminal underworld. However, the seriousness of what constitutes a federal crime is starting to change as the courts start to handle pettier cases that they blow up for cost-effectiveness.

You get more bang for your buck if you can sensationalize a man found in possession of terabytes of porn that have all sorts of illegal photos inherently mixed in. In any case, they are trying to rack up easy statistics for more funding and are chiefly interested in the media sensationalism publicizing the volume of money, drugs, or child porn seized. These are Hollywood style commercials that help them secure more support and funding.

Examples of crimes prosecuted in the federal courts:

  • Interstate computer crimes
  • U.S. mail crimes
  • Drug trafficking
  • Tax evasion
  • Illegal immigration
  • Altering automotive VIN numbers
  • Computer hacking
  • Bank robberies
  • Racketeering
  • Corrupt officials

It is estimated that 97 percent of federal criminal prosecutions end with plea bargains. This means that the trial is no longer the central focus. The criminal law has all become civil commercial contract law. The U.S. Supreme Court has analogized plea bargains with commercial contracts. And the commerce that they are generating is phenomenal. There are now more prison guards than grocery baggers in the United States.

What this means is that you have to prepare your case before trial. You have to have really solid issues and defenses that you can present without ambiguity. Taking a case to trial presents some heavy risks because the sentences in federal courts are outrageous. You can receive 1 year to life for drug charges and now face many mandatory minimums for unlawful gun possession under Obama’s Safe Neighborhood Act.

Trust our Dallas federal criminal defense law firm to vigorously defend you with our decades of expertise in engineering defenses that work. We will not rest until we have thoroughly covered your issues and accomplished everything possible to defend you.