Dallas dental license defense lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 23, 2020

Dentist and dental hygienists are held to a higher standard of law when it comes to their profession. Working as a dental professional allows them to prescribe medication, issue anesthesia, and operate on the mouths of their patients. They are healthcare providers whose job is to always keep the patient’s health and safety a priority. As a dental professional, each dentist and hygienist is required to uphold the law, a reasonable expectation of ethics, and they’re required to follow strict guidelines at all times. If someone files a complaint against a Dallas dentist or hygienist, their license is in jeopardy of being revoked following an investigation into their practice and/or personal life.

Patients, family members, employees, coworkers, and vendors are permitted to file complaints with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners office anytime they suspect a dental professional is operating illegally, immorally, or unethically. Once a complaint is considered serious, it’s investigated. The professional in question is sent notification of said investigation and asked to provide very specific information.

– Response to the complaint
– Files and medical records of the patient who complained or the complaint is about
personal information
– Education information
Dental license information

It’s important dental professionals do not take action without first contacted a licensed Dallas Dental License Defense Attorney. The result of this investigation could cause a dental professional to lose his or her license. An experienced attorney can reduce the chances of this occurring, walk the client through the process, and help with the outcome.

Why Can a Dental Professional Lose Their License?

The fact that the US is a free country allows anyone to file a complaint for virtually anything, and the state board is aware that not all complaints are valid or even important enough to handle. When a complaint insinuates a dentist or hygienist is breaking a law, violating the dental code of ethics, or harming patients, they are investigated.

Sexual misconduct
– Professional misconduct
– Negligence
– Fraud
– Inadequate record keeping
Substance abuse
– Criminal convictions

As you can see, not all charges pertain to the job the dental professional is handling in the office. Several of these charges are for unrelated items. Any dental professional convicted of criminal behavior outside of work can be disciplined by the state board. Any dental professional who is using substances in an abusive manner at home can also be disciplined by the state board.

Some complaints have nothing to do with the professional and everything to do with their administrative staff. If staff is not doing their job correctly, the dental professional could be in trouble. If the staff is committing fraud by improperly billing patients or insurance companies, overbilling for procedures, or listing procedures in patient files that weren’t provided, it’s illegal. If the staff isn’t keeping proper records for their patients, it’s criminal. Dental professionals are required to work with a reasonable expectation their staff is performing appropriately, even if the dentist is not to blame for their actions.


If a dental professional is found guilty, he or she might lose their license. They might also face further penalties, such as their investigation being deemed a criminal case. If this is the case, the information is sent to the state, and possibly the federal government if the case is about fraud involving either Medicare or Medicaid billing.

– Fines
– Restitutions
– Prison sentences
License suspension
License revocation
– Probation

Hiring an attorney can save a dental license. An attorney can reduce charges and leave a license option to reinstatement in the future. For example, if a dentist is accused of using drugs or alcohol on the job, the attorney can argue the dental professional is open to drug or alcohol rehab or treatment. Upon successful completion of a court-mandated treatment program, they can agree to mandatory drug or alcohol testing and have their license reinstated. A dentist or dental hygienist’s entire future is at the mercy of the investigation they’re under, and an experience dental license defense attorney can only help the outcome of a case like this one.